CEPRODIH (Center for the Promotion of Human Dignity) is a non-profit association, founded in 1998 in Montevideo with the mission of helping the most vulnerable families, especially women with children at high social risk. Unemployment, domestic violence, helplessness during pregnancy are some of the factors that threaten the dignity of women and have a direct impact on the living conditions of children.

CEPRODIH implements innovative programs in which not only the coverage of basic needs for the family is guaranteed, but also the economic inclusion of the mother is promoted through training, insertion into the formal market, the generation of productive enterprises and inclusive business.

FCU supports CEPRODIH’s work on a monthly basis through the following programs:

“Espacio Infantil”: it is a space for the care of children while mothers are trained and / or begin to work.

“Por Venir”: care and promotion program for about 30 pregnant women who do not have a job and who do not have the support of their family.

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